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Using The Menu on the left

Moallem Properties has thousands of lots to see! Lots in the 'residential' category are organized in the left menu. Scroll alphabetically to the street you want to click, and properties with addresses on that street will appear. See more properties any time by choosing from the menu again.

Editing Your Search

You can search by status and by category in the selection boxes below the left menu. Lots have three statuses: Available, Sold, and Other. Any Available lot is for sale, but Sold lots are not. Other lots might be for sale subject to conditions - You need to call to find out. Easily categorize by different features, zoning, and land use. You can press the 'SEARCH NOW' button in the left menu to search with any new options you selected.

Viewing a Previous Search

To return to the last search, press the 'PREVIOUS PAGE' button at the top of the left menu.
To auto-scroll to the top of the alphabetical list, press the 'GO TO TOP' button near the bottom.
To return to the homepage, press the 'RETURN HOME' button at the bottom.